A supposed "loophole" way for Christian girls to have anal and oral sex but remain "pure" and still call themselves a "virgin". Ridiculous and hypocritical, some girls who are only technically virgins themselves look down on other girls who have vaginal sex before marriage, even though they have let a guy put his penis in their ass.
"My friend Christian is a technical virgin, she only lets guys put it in two out of three of her possible holes."

"Your friend is an idiot; if a penis touches your naked body, you aren't pure anymore."
by GirlCat47 May 15, 2010
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A man/woman, who by definition is a virgin due to non-existence of sexual intercourse in their life, but who has otherwise sexually gratified the other gender (or the same gender) with the use of their hands, mouth, or buttocks.
Dude: I totally got my rocks off with Stacy last night.

Girl: But isn't Stacy a virgin?

Dude: Correction, she's a Technical Virgin, she's been giving blowjobs and handjobs since she was 14, and i dumped my load in my ass when i was done.
by thebiglebowski007 October 23, 2011
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A technical virgin is a girl who has been fucked up her ass, but not in her poon-tang, leaving them technically a virgin still.
Billy really wants to have sex with me, but I want to stay a virgin until Im married. Losing your virginity before then is against my religion, so Ill let him fuck me in the ass and Ill still be a technical virgin. Its what I always do.
by theJeremiah July 4, 2005
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When a girl has been told all her life by her friends and family that sex is bad and unnatural... and she has a boyfriend who wants sex... she usually takes the easy way out by doing everything except the actual act. This usually means the said boyfriends penis will go in her hands, up her ass, and in her mouth, anything to get the boy to pleasure her back. All women are weak. They know they cant call themselves virgins, so they go by this term, always using that little loophole to get the pleasure they desire.
Stacy calls herself a technical virgin.
...Stacy is a whore.
by MichaelTheAwesome February 17, 2006
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Female that looks and acts to innocent to have sex. though has had sex in a water bed, in a car, in the shower and on a spill way. But hey "technically I'm a virgin."
The girls who looks innocent, but has had sex more than you, "technically I'm a virgin"
by Tighnit February 25, 2014
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