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A girl that is a virgin or a non-slut, but has a hint of whoredom coming through.
Catholic School Girl that hikes her skirt up waaaaaay more than necessary = virgin whore
Braless Nerdy Secretary = virgin whore
by bex231 July 28, 2008
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A shorter pair of boots than hooker heels, in which a girl might get her inner skank on. A favourite amongst virgin whores.
Daaaaaaaym, Kristy got slut boots on. She got her skank on 2nyt!
by bex231 July 28, 2008
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Something beyond perfection. Coined by Twilighters to denote something inhumanly beautiful, based on the popular character in Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight.
Joe is totally Edwardian. Did you see his abs?
by bex231 September 15, 2008
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