viper a useless fat no it all never wrong wank stain cant ride a minimoto for shit fat cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
viper no it all tosser fat fucker
by bernie hook February 15, 2006
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When an angry female gives a guy a blowjob and when the guy cums in her mouth she cocks back and spits the load in his face like a viper
I ate my girls lunch for work and later when she went down on me she vipered me.
by Savario Scarazza May 07, 2012
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If your name is Viper you are a badass girl and you don't give a fuck for what people think about you. You can be a very strong and independent person but you are not afraid to step up to someone. The name Viper is usually a nick name for a person who is sneaky, fast, and sly l. You are funny, pretty, artistic and dirty-minded. If you have a Viper in your life you are very lucky. You NEED to date a Viper
What are you going to do about it Viper!

Boy if you don't get your wanna be Michael Jackson lookn' self out of here I swear I'll beat your ass back to Mexico!
by $LilaYen# April 19, 2019
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2 in the pink and 2 in the stink. More advanced version of the shocker.
The shocker is overrated. You gotta hit em with the viper.
by captmurk May 13, 2018
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A fake-ass person that pretends to be your friend watches and waits for you to mess up and screws you over when it happens. The definition of a fake-a-friend.
That Nikki is a viper.
via giphy
by BabydollDame22 September 11, 2016
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