a sexually experienced woman, usually married, that has a following of younger men,she has no qualms about her sexuality, her confidence, or her power.
Damn! Mrs. Smith is such a viper, if her husband went out of town, I'd keep her company!
by Viper2 July 10, 2008
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Someone who can be cool, but is often calculating your every move on the inside. They can be deceptive and decietful, and appear to be all knowning at times because of people's predictability.

They often prey on your weaknesses, and notice all of your flaws just by looking at you.

However because of their ability to see indefinite flaws, they wind up hating themselves, because they see all of their own flaws in extreme detail.

In general, "Viper" would be the name for your sneaky, slightly badass, tough friend who's skilled at many things the average biddy would never dare to try.
I didn't notice how bad Jimmy's acne was until that Viper pointed it out.

She's such a viper, she looks all sweet but she's just using him for gossip.
by BlackPowderMinusTheD March 28, 2010
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A fast american automobile (due to torque). World renoun for it speed and all-out rice killing abilites but still cannot touch a Corvette Z06.
"Why can't i beat a Viper? I though my civic was fast enough!"
by Obsidian November 19, 2002
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The most kickass player to ever play anything, ever, even once.

the abillity to master anything within .004 seconds of trying it.

You bunnyhop.. Viper circle straifs
You have good accuracy.. Viper has better
You get some.. Viper gets more
"Killed by Viper"
by n3gl3c7 November 21, 2002
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A Viper is one who is loved by all, however is usually bullied by his e-friends. When this occours the said 'Viper' will lash out with dier consiquences...
Viper ''hey you guyyyssss''
Sax-p member ''lolz what a cunt''
Viper ''neg rep for you tbh''
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The male version of a Cougar.

....The viper makes sense because older men can both act like snakes and they have "trouser snakes". Furthermore, like a viper, a powerful snake, the male version of a cougar has had the experience to know how to use his snake much better than a younger man.

It is important to note that like a Cougar, the Viper has an age range, typically between 45-55, but definitely no older than 60.
Scott Bakula is such a viper, just watching him on TV makes me damp.

Harrison Ford's days as a viper are definitely over.
by detfrost1 November 08, 2009
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A Viper is usually a male who enjoys having casual encounters with numerous women at the same time aka a womanizer, also another word for a Viper is a Player. An assassin in the nightclubs, not having any remorse for a girls feelings whatsoever. Vipers are sneaky silent yet deadly at the same time. A stonecold individual with ice in his veins. Vipers always go for the kill, doing whatever they have to do to get what they want. In the end a Viper wants to inject his fatal poison in the female and paralyze her (not literally but u get the hang of it) In reality a viper is a type of snake that is deadly and has fatal poision in its fangs, and you can compare that to a guy who's got game and relentlessly gets girls all the time.
Mike The Situation is A Bigtime Viper in the nightclubs.

other words related to viper: viper strike, vipering out
by Viper87 September 15, 2011
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