When you take a dump so big that it sticks up out of the water just like Hawaii. Usually has a texture similar to pancake batter. This can easily be done by making a lily pad of shit tickets before blowing mud. In a true Hawaiian Island, no paper is used.
This morning I made a Hawaiian Island so I left it for my ol' lady to see.

After a taco eating contest, Clyde had to race to the shitter to make a Hawaiian Island.
by duckkiller June 9, 2013
Instead of the standard Hawaiian Islands, Royal Hawaiian Islands refers to the act of having doggie-style anal sex in a raw dawg fashion and withdrawing just before orgasm in order to paint the Islands on her back.
I told Sally I just wanted to rub it between her butt cheeks a bit, but when she let me slip inside her A-hole, it totally made me give her a full dose of the Royal Hawaiian Islands all over her back.
by The Royal Hawaiian August 5, 2011
When a person ejaculates on a lovers back leaving several blots of sperm in different areas s
I was hitting it from the back and gave her the “Hawaiian islands
by GrizzleMatic October 23, 2020