describing people who only care about eating, sleeping, making money, and owning crap. Very unimaginative, uncultured people with no concept of the arts, history, language, faith, travel, or why any those things should be valued. Has not visited a library or museum since the 7th grade. Doesn't know the name of a bluebird (really). Like Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins, they "can't see past the end of their nose".
Bell in Beauty and the Beast: "I want much more than this provincial life!"
by Shumado April 14, 2015
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(n) a person of actual or strongly suspected low breeding and/or intellect who chronically and infuriatingly annoys those of higher breeding and/or intellect with their obnoxious demeanor and blatant, unrestrained numbskullery.

(adj) a term describing an act that is shameless and/or severely lacking in any form of class, good breeding and/or intellect.
Used as a noun: That woman over there just said "it is what it is." What a fucking provincial.

Used as an adjective: That gentleman just left the bathroom without washing his hands. That was a provincial move.
by BennyKennedy April 05, 2009
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1. A test that only needed to be taken by 12th graders in the past. Now the school board has forced students in grade 10 and up to take them.

2. Pointless
What a bunch of shit, this thing has been pimped and hyped all year but it doesn't count for squat!
by Wheeeeeee... June 08, 2004
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To claim that everyone from a said province is the same.
Québecers are all the same: seperatists. That's their provincial stereotype.
by Origins February 12, 2006
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When the pupils become dilated to the point of no return; large amounts of marijuana and/or shrooms (Psilocybin mushrooms) induce provincial pupils
The eye becomes totally encompassed with black, the pupil
"Bro, your pupils are the size of fucking Ontario."
"Bro bro bro, those are fucking provincial pupils."
by Rodney Farva the First June 29, 2008
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People who live in a major city (Manhattan or Los Angeles for example) who don't understand the way of life of anyone who doesn't live in a city.

Many times they are well educated and intelligent but so sheltered by only living in urban areas and dealing with others like them that they are limited in perspective and narrow minded.
An urban provincial person is someone you speak to who seriously can't understand why anyone would shop at Costco. They also think Sarah Palin is unintelligent because she has an accent
by DKramer1818 June 11, 2010
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Newfoundland Airline giving best service in cheaper rates than Air Canada. Still serve meals and drinks..with a smile. Flight Attendant hottness factor of 85%- Pilot Hottness factor unknown. Believed to be aroun 70 - 80%
Provincial Airlines, we take our smiles seriously....And we take care of U!
by paldriver September 18, 2008
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