Party Round Purkis' is when a group of people (usually 10-12) friends just decide to crash at one of thier homes, without parents permission and encourage in heavy drinking games and loud music until the parents come down ... usually follow with bad mouthed arguements
Shorne: Hey Fobbs lets have a PRP
Fobbs: Cool, we can go crash at matts
by Cassidy Fobbs January 31, 2010
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known by many cross country runners as

Pre Race Poop.
"Hey guys, ready to warm up?"
" No! i still gotta go do my PRP!"
by CBXC'10 October 6, 2009
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"Punk Rock Princess." A young woman whose élite taste in music, pseudo-cultural savvy, and bohemian dress she uses not only to define herself socially but also to elevate herself as better-informed or more on-the-scene than her compatriots, eliciting both disdain and awe.
See that girl holding the Devendra Banhart album and wearing those argyle socks? What a fucking PRP. I want her.
by benjie November 5, 2004
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A location that daytripping puerto ricans flock to, a puerto rican picnic. They come with packed lunches and extended family. Many are state parks, waterparks, six flags, etc... Many come on large buses with day camps or pile into a small car to get there. Some PRPs in the NY area are Six Flags Great Adventure, Tomahawk Lake, Darlington, Mountain Creek, and Robert Moses State Park.
Tim: Hey man do you want to go to Great Adventure next saturday.

George: No way thats a total prp!

Tim: True man and all the parking spots and picnic tables will be taken.
by hden7 September 12, 2009
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Japanese Denim-

PRPS jeans are manufactured in Japan with cotton from Nahare,Zimbabwe not like other jeans that are mostly manufactured in China. The manufacturer in Japan uses a loom from 1960, similar to the type that was use to produce denim for Levi's. Modern looms are more efficient in the amount of material used. The classic older looms produce a stronger edge to the fabric..
Donwan Harrell former Nike designer and founder of Akademiks clothing line is crazy about new project "PRPS", which includes jeans ranging from $250-$400 a pair.. PRPS targets not a person that rejects fashion but the denim "supersnob": a person who studies stitching and other things that no one else does..
"I got the .40 cal tucked in my PRP's, what do you expect? I'm from New Orleans" (PRPs = a brand of Japanese Denim.)

-Lil Wayne - Sky's the Limit
by Sami Dizzle September 1, 2008
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An acronym for the electro pop band PlayRadioPlay!
Omg did you go to the PRP concert.
by Juji November 12, 2007
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