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An evil money grubbing corporation that wants to take away channels from Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks because they won't increase their customer's rates and charge more.
Viacom is taking away our channels and trying to blame the cable companies.
by WTFviacom December 31, 2008
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A multi-billion dollar corporation which controls a huge portion of network television on the air today, including, but not limited to: MTV, BET, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. Viacom's influence on the ideals of Americans ranging in age from 6 to mid-20s is enormous. Viacom is methodically eliminating independent media organizations in an effort to monopolize American media. Viacom is a "special interest group" to US presidents, meaning Viacom essentially bribes government officials to turn the other way as it takes hold on more and more media.
Man, I wonder what would be on if Viacom weren't around. Oh well. Guess I'll go watch TRL.
by XhackX November 02, 2004
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an evil corporation that owns paramount comedy central and other stuff
viacom owns too many media things
by alex14 August 05, 2006
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A truly EVIL company that owns just about every TV station.
It is also on its way to take over Youtube.
Person 1: so how's that new video that you put up on Youtube doing?
Person 2: Fucking Viacom removed it...
Person 1: Fucking Viacom....
by 9797 July 21, 2009
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A gigantic corporation that eats smaller corporations. They also turn everything that was once fun into a boring mass produced game/show.

Die Viacom.

Example: Nickolodian had awesome shows on it, Now the only thing they ever play is FUCKING SPONGEBOB.

Ex2:Neopets was an awesome site that had plenty to do and plenty to say on the forums. Now its the dumbest site ever because they sold out to Viacom.
by CherryDr.peppers July 10, 2008
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A multi billion dollar corporation that has shamed many once awesome things like MTV, Neopets, Nickelodeon etc. It buys this type of ting to make money and does not care about the viewers, players or workers.
Viacom is about as caring as a nazi-ruled communist society.
Go to hell and buuurn Viacom buuuurn...
oh, my neopet username is sxcgp
Viacom: Hey look, everybody seems to like that website neopets...
I know, lets buy it at a price they can't refuse then fuck it up for everyone else! Hey, at least we made our million!
Neo-User: Please Viacom! Don't destroy a great thing!
by Grace aka SXCGP on neopets! December 11, 2008
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The shit company that copyrights all my favorite tv shows, like Doug, and Eureka's Castle, so nobody can watch them on YouTube when they get cancelled, and have to pirate them illegally.
Viacom is stupid and eats shit.
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007
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