The relatively minor punishment that will be inflicted on the evil guys after the fire goes out.
Because of the shortage of fuel, Adolf Hitler will now simply rot in hell rather than burning there through eternity.
by Bubby Beezel March 22, 2009
What people always shout to others while theyre alive but at their funeral, you rarely hear anything but nice compliments. Just once id like to see osmone at a funeral say "This guy was a greedy fuckface and i sure hope that his death hurt him in extreme ways, fuck you you son of a bitch, rot in hell!" and then spit o nthe corpse so the wrinkled odl women at them can make fainting noises and pass out.
rot in hell you bastard!
by da hood' January 3, 2005
me: i really don’t want to rot in hell
jimmy: yeah i don’t like school either
by some girl🤪😜🤪😜💅 October 17, 2021