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The mayans did predict the end of the world to be 12/21/2012, but not end as in everyone dies and it blows up. end as in stops this phase and becomes something else. the real story is they say we are in one phase or dimension, supposedly 1985 was the end of the 5th and we are between dimensions, and in 2012 we will enter the sixth and all become smarter, get weird new senses, and other stuff and changes in our mind and reality. it actually seems kinda cool. but i think u will go to like mayan hell according to them if u are bad. but the thing wasnt strict basically just be nice
i wonder what will happen in 2012
by alex14 August 25, 2006

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a game the whole family can play
ew incest is nasty ewwwww
by alex14 August 25, 2006

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an evil corporation that owns paramount comedy central and other stuff
viacom owns too many media things
by alex14 August 05, 2006

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a BEAR... its an animal.. im surprised after all those definitions noone mentiioned that
omg he got eaten by a polar bear in canada
by alex14 July 05, 2006

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a basketball player who is good and knows how to use the backboard but he travels a lot and the refs wont call him for anything
remember that time dwayne wade went up and pushed nowitzki, and they called a fall AGAINST NOWITZKI
by alex14 August 20, 2006

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a person with a really funny show and acts republican to make fun of republicans
i watched the colbert report yesterday hosted by stephen colbert
by alex14 July 13, 2006

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when it isnt used in the way it actually means lol, it means ownage, or pwned.
(i am winning a game badly) RAPED.

a team is winning badly and just won in a fight in a video game they would say "rape!"
by alex14 August 10, 2006

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