Vex - #26
Weapon: 7% Mana Leech
Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max Fire Resist
Ilvl/Clvl Required: 55
Dude JHJ picked up a Vex last night, I creamed myself when I opened my stash
by Hoop August 01, 2004
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being angry, rude or smart with a person (cheeky)
dont get vex wid me biatch
by sher March 08, 2003
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{verb} To disturb someone at a cosmic and metaphysical level.
Dude! This puppy that looks like Shannen Doherty is really vexing me.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003
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-wow...i am *so* vexxed righh now...
-i have nO idea what yur doing...

-so vexxed...
by chellay =) April 20, 2005
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Someone you used to be in a vibing with or in a situationship with, but would rather not refer to them as your "ex'' because you two weren't official.

Also known as Vibex.
"Hey bro, whatever happened to that girl you had a thing with?'

''Oh, my vex? She moved to another campus.''
by Mooooooooooo99 July 30, 2020
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a)to confuse or freak out
b)mysterious, somebody whose intentions/personality is unknown
c)Me! ^_^
a)That quantum physics thing really vexes me.
b)Dude, he's such a vex.
by Vex May 11, 2005
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