when you're getting well mad about something
john: are u kidding me bruv shut up ur so annoying
alex: why u getting vexed bruv
by ovencleaner October 19, 2019
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originated from v-unit in the early 1960's. vex means to annoy or be annoyed by something
dont vex me up man- dont annoy me
by Rich November 18, 2004
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2 b pissd off/angry
i woz so fuckin vexed at dat slag kelly, i beat 7 shadez of shit outa her
by BabyBlaza December 14, 2003
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<noun>basically anything that causes someone agitation.
<verb>the act of causing the agitation in someone.
"The patrons at May's drive in are a Vex. they are always angry."
(after doing something to annoy someone) "sorry, I was just trying to lay a vex on you"
"Don't vex me, dude"
by tom prough December 17, 2003
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One of if not thee best capture the flag teams to ever play Urban Terror.
Vex dominates and rules over Urt CTF Leagues with a Iron Fist.
by Educatshun December 22, 2009
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A slang term for angry or mad in which you lose control of your temper and may tend to use violence or offensive language to let it all out.
Person 1: Wasteman!
by HOO SHAA! July 23, 2008
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