insult - someone who does nothin with their life (or nothing much)
eg Jimmy drops out of skool and has no job and claims benefits for 5 years an still lives at home with his mum an has dirty clothes- Jimmy iz a wasteman.
"you WASTEMAN!!"

"Jamals a wasteman"

"shut up u wasteman"
by Skeptas Wifey March 30, 2005
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Someone who doesn't do anything with their life
by allan_t321 April 23, 2016
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A man, who doesn't act his age, normally from a village, who spends his life in the same clothes drinking alcohol, taking drugs in the local pub, ending up at someone's kitchen, with no job or prospects and a complete disrespect for women
'Ey up mate what you get up to last night?'
'Got shitfaced mate propped up the kitchen all night sniffed coke. Still ere in fact'
'It's 4pm though dude?'
'Fuck it, u got any sniff come round'
'You're a wasteman'
by Smartbird May 14, 2017
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A wasteman as a name you call a boy who’s a waste of space and is gonna be nothing in life.
Candice: ‘You know that wasteman Taylor Winterflood still lives in his mum yard’
Rackelle: ‘I know that wasteman he whips around on his little brothers scooter’
by racks city November 7, 2021
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A term often used in Toronto and London. Calling one a 'Wasteman' can be very offensive. Wasteman is basically calling someone a loser.
Yo, hes acting like a real wasteman right now
by MoZHasALargeaz March 18, 2017
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Jake Paul
Logan Paul
The Sociopath Brothers

Anything related to the cloud chasing goons..

Logan’s new occupation after KSI beat his ass
Wasteman Jake: “I don’t respect no one I don’t know
Wasteman Logan: “I’m gonna be bigger than the rock
by Satyress November 8, 2019
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Someone who wastes your time.
"Miss, this wasteman is waffling, kick him out of class"
by Evryone has namb November 19, 2020
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