A condition suffered by an individual who has the inablility to shut the fuck up, I.e the words keep flowing.
Don't get involved in a conversation with jill she has a bad case of verbal diarrhea.
by Anonymous November 15, 2002
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1)An adj. given to someone who exspresses their awkwardness through words.

2)Used to describe a person who can not control his random thoughts from exploding, which get them into trouble.
Talking to a new crush:
I really think you are cool and think about you all the time. I actually think about you 24/7 and what our children will look like even their names.

Yeah thats pretty impressive, but you have the worst case of verbal diarrhea I have seen in awhile and scare me so I would rather not.
by CatherineCurran May 15, 2006
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When someone talks, and the resulting output smells and sounds like shit
Every time George W. Bush gives a speech, all I hear is verbal diarrhea.
by Dan Miller March 23, 2004
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When your ass starts talking to you.
<m0ther> Did you do your homework?
<Billy's Ass> Go to hell you ass-faced witch.
<Billy> ... I didn't say that.
<m0ther> Oh golly!
by B-Drac August 12, 2003
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its when some one keeps on talking total, utter crap and i just keeps on going and going, so bad that it smells fuckin rancid, just take it from me, evry prep is like that
Xaqua:happyb dat to u happy b day to u happybday to UUUUUUUU!!!!!!happy b day to U!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;}

Cronus:jesus christ stfu!!!!! u have the worst case of verbal diarrhea!!!!!
by Raph Torres June 05, 2006
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Somebody who doesn't know how to shut up. They love the sound of their own voices and continue to drone on and on repeating the same ponits over and over again in different ways before they wrap up what they're saying. People with verbal diarrhea can take a simple yes or no answer and make it last for several minutes.

Prime examples of those who suffer from the disorder are politicians and managers.
"Do you plan to increase the price of eggs?" (Simple yes or no response required)

"Well taking into account the inflation rate and current market trends we can make several assumptions, first and foremost the costs to farmers have increased over the years due to increase in the price of chicken feed taxes and the like. These prices increases at the bottom end of the chain will no doubt be reflected further up the chain but we are doing all we can to keep the price static."

"Could you give us an answer without the verbal diarrhea?"
by wowfood July 11, 2013
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