Cronus is a beta troll and is the ancestor of Eridan Ampora. He is mistaken to be "sexy" though really isn't in the canon Homestuck webcomic. He is considered more of a "romantic" and always keeps a cigarette in his mouth. He also wears a white shirt with the same zodiac symbol as Eridan. Same blood color and everything (A shade of purple.) He is normally nice, but may or may not get in arguments easily. It won't matter whether you're male or female, because I bet Cronus has a chance to flirt with you.
ME: Please don't look at me Cronus. It makes me feel weird. Are you trying to flirt with me? Please stop!
OTHER HOMESTUCKS: OMG it's Cronus! Can you have sex with me? Can we kiss? Yay!!!!!
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1. The status of being a sad, pathetic Canadian who has dedicated his entire life to talking about the actions of a person he dislikes.
2. Taking the internet way too seriously. See synonyms at fag.
"Could you please stop talking about Gunslinger? You're being such a god damned Cronus."
by Niaad April 9, 2003
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For gay people who need macros AND mouse and key (MNK) to gain an advantage on console
How tf do we win with and ash main with a fuckin cronus zen?
by willywanker. April 22, 2021
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There’s a special place in hell for the people who use it. Anyone who owns one most likely isn’t loved and gains satisfaction from tormenting individuals that are essentially handicapped
Yoooo that dudes a beamer! He’s definitely got a cronus zen. I’m getting off this shit game.
by nothumbssadge May 8, 2022
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Cronus (also referred to as Kronos) is often seen with a sickle, which he used to castrate Uranus.
by JustSomeRandomDude_ August 28, 2022
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