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The act of oral sex cunnalingus preformed on a woman where the giver manipulates their hands as described below:
Place hands together as if you are going to pray.
Interlock the 4th & 5th digit of both hands.
Insert the 3rd or middle digit into the receiver’s vagina.
Spread the labia or vaginal lips with the second digit to allow access to the clitoris.
Use the thumbs or first digit to support the giver head underneath the chin.
Use your lips & tongue to give your partner the time of her life.
Originally mention in the 1986 - 1992 NBC TV show LA LAW as, "That was the Venus Fly Trap, it's Never failed me yet", referring to a scene which the viewer was led to believe that oral sex was being preformed much to the joy of actress Susan Dey. Don’t ask who the actor who played opposite of her was, or the name of the episode, as I don’t know. It was then discussed in the Forum articles of Playboy magazine. Which is where I learned the technique, much to the delight of more than one woman.
by flingwings March 14, 2006
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A carnivorous plant that traps its prey by attracting it with its flowers and then closing over top of it.
The thing with jagged teeth - what do you need an example for?
by Mark S June 01, 2004
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A sex act involving two females and one male. Basically the two women are performing the scissor around the man's penis. The penis is "trapped" in between the two vagina, hence the name. The man usually lays down on his back and the women have sex together on the penis. This is one position where a man can have sex with two women at one time.
Damn, last night, my girlfriend and her friend wanted to have sex with me, and then they thought of the Venus fly trap. THE. BEST. SEX. I. EVER. HAD.
by justawatev May 09, 2010
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When, generally after peeing, your penis and/or nut(s) become entangled in your zipper while putting the equipment away. Results in numerous painful sensations and often akward questioning. Refers to a fly being maimed inside of the venus fly trap plant.
-"Jonny, what's that on your zipper?"
-"I was a victem of the Venus Fly Trap."
-"Omg lol."
by chris mac November 13, 2005
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When you sit at a desk (i.e. school or office) and extend your arm out into the hallway, open handed, and "catch" the crotch of the person who is walking by, usually if they are on the phone or otherwise too distracted to realize what they are about to walk into.
I was on a conference call with corporate, and as I walked back to my cubicle, Dave totally venus flytrapped me while I was in mid sentence. Oh, that silly Dave!
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by JiffyDub83 August 15, 2017
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When a girl or boy sends mixed signals whether or not it is intentional. This can be used to friend zone you. ):
Jessica told jimmy she loved him but when he asked her out she said she didn't love him like that.
Jessica is a Venus Fly Trap

Jimmy asked Alexandra to the movies but didn't tell her his friends where going.

Not only did jimmy Cock-Blocked himself he is a Venus fly trap
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by ZEDDEAD November 30, 2016
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