A genre of television show that picked up steam within the last decade. In this genre, the leaders and/or principal parts that require someone to be strong-willed and concientious are played by women. All men in the show are flawed either morally, physically, or mentally and are always a step below and behind their female counterparts.
Xena: Warrior Princess
Battlestar Galactica 2k4
Birds of Prey
Almost all David E. Kelley shows.
by R. Kemp April 3, 2005
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A male set on destroying or undermining the creations and constructs of the alpha male for the sake of improving society.

An anti-alpha can become an alpha in his own sub-culture.

Noticing alpha males tend to initialize oppressive zeitgeists and group-think related social and economical problems, the anti-alpha may find it imperitive to end the alpha male and/or his rule.

The anti-alpha is a particular kind of ubermensch that takes it upon himself to help others ascend to his level of awareness.
Martin Luther King was an example of an anti-alpha male, going against the alphas' grain of black oppression.
by CouncilOnHumanEnlightenment January 31, 2010
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when a women does not like men and refuses to date or speak to them, also known as a lesbian
I am an anti-male activist!
by hagly the thirsd April 13, 2022
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