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A sex act involving two females and one male. Basically the two women are performing the scissor around the man's penis. The penis is "trapped" in between the two vagina, hence the name. The man usually lays down on his back and the women have sex together on the penis. This is one position where a man can have sex with two women at one time.
Damn, last night, my girlfriend and her friend wanted to have sex with me, and then they thought of the Venus fly trap. THE. BEST. SEX. I. EVER. HAD.
by justawatev May 09, 2010

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A word uttered on the online games; Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War when someone does not know how to pronounce Martyrdom properly. Usually a young player is calmly corrected and everything is okay but when someone in their late teens or above says the word wrong, it's just sad.
Player 1: Dude that fucking shit of a fuck over there got his ass kicked by my MP5 with Stopping Power, Red-Tiger Camo and no attachments and I was one kill away from a Helicopter but I ran over his body to teabag it and his Martiedrum killed me. What the fuck is that bullshit all about?

Player 2: How old are you?

Player 1: 17

Player 2: I'm 16 and it's pronounced Martyrdom you dumbfuck. Learn how to fucking read. And more importantly, you must really suck if you need stopping power on an MP5. And use an attachment for gods sake. You look like you are afraid to lose so you need to overpower your gun. Grow up already damn.

Player 1: STFU SCRUB!

Player 2: Just say shut the fuck up! Damn have you been to English class lately? Learn how to talk!
by justawatev September 22, 2009

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