An independent artist, songwriter, and guitarist. Her musical styles have run the gammut from acoustic folk punk to jazzy to funk. Founder of Righteous Babe Records. To date, Ani has released over 16 records.
Bruce Cockburn recently observed in Performing Songwriter that Ani considers it part of her job description "to try and reflect real life in her songs. The life of the streets; the life of nations; the lives of people coping with power or its absence, looking for joy through the loneliness and pain and the complexities of relationship; the life of the spirit. All these are the stuff of human experience, and human experience is what we all share."
by sweetpagosa January 23, 2005
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The only person in the world whose music it is impossible to dislike. Music ranges from folk to almost-punk to spoken poetry to jazz to funk to whatever the hell else you want. Lyrics generally have to do with politics, the fact that guys suck, and lesbian-ness. See eargasm.
"Wow, look, someone else named Laurah already defined Ani Difranco!"

"I love the way Ani Difranco says the word 'government'."
by laurah borealis August 27, 2005
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The best thing in the world. Fuck sliced bread.

Her music is great, she's hot, and I don't know anyone who knows about her doesn't like her.
Ani DiFranco sings my lullabies.

by Violetownz January 18, 2008
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"The pourin' rain is no place for a bicycle ride..."
by Dilly the Pirate September 19, 2004
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An overrated folk/multi-genre performer/vocalist for which the appreciation of whom has become a prerequisite for any lesbian seeking acceptance from others in the dyke community. Most often found overheard at Feminazi circle jerks along with indigo girls songs, most often while bashing the straight community and bitching about not being accepted for trying to look like a 13 year old boy. Ani herself seems pretty cool, but her fans make some apathetic to her.
You will never hear an overtly-aggressive lesbian say anything bad about Ani DiFranco. In fact, she is worshipped like a goddess by them which makes no sense since she's not REALLY gay. But oh well, liking women who look like men/boys doesn't really scream with sense either.
by Shave it and I'll Eat it! January 7, 2008
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