When a girl or boy sends mixed signals whether or not it is intentional. This can be used to friend zone you. ):
Jessica told jimmy she loved him but when he asked her out she said she didn't love him like that.
Jessica is a Venus Fly Trap

Jimmy asked Alexandra to the movies but didn't tell her his friends where going.

Not only did jimmy Cock-Blocked himself he is a Venus fly trap
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by ZEDDEAD November 30, 2016
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Before busting a nut, pulling out and shooting your load in her eyes. When she tries to open them it creates a Venus Flytrap in her eyelashes. Commonly used with a Spiderman
She couldn't see me leave the room after she had the Venus Flytrap going
by Cakes December 21, 2004
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When you hold your hand out(the venus flytrap) and a girl or guy puts their hand in yours(the fly)....therfore you are now holding hands.
Guy 1: Dude I really want to hold her hand.

Guy 2: You should use the venus flytrap.

Guy 1: Good idea, thanks
by Logan_De_Awsome November 23, 2008
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The Venus Fly Trap is performed when you are having anal sex with someone and without warning you pull out and jam a fly (or any type of incesct) into their anus.
Last night I set a Venus Flytrap record when I shoved a dead fly, 2 beetles and a pincher bug up my girlfriends ass.
by Lil' Ahnotthebees!!! January 29, 2018
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