to grab
i dont think you should ever clasp that cup with both hands
by the cooler penguin27 September 10, 2020
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A hand to hand bond that forges the completion of a newfound trust.
Person 1: Initiate Trustmode.

Person 2: Commence the Clasp of Friends.

Persons 1&2: *shake* Trust mode engaged.
by Gary Goodspeed June 14, 2019
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Refers to da humorous "I really like you" gesture of not merely slapping da other person's hand when ya smilingly offer said pal a high-five, but instead interlacing yer fingers with his and really "hand-wrestling him good" for a few seconds. A great way of showing a cute lady how much you enjoy/value/desire her companionship while you have hold of her hand, anyway; hopefully she will allow you to maintain your joyful clasp of said warm/soft extremity for an extended period afterwards, and possibly even accompany you on a hand-in-hand stroll around town afterwards if her current schedule permits.
A clasp-retaining high-five is an awesome way to initially "break the ice" with a new gal and get her head-swimmingly starry-eyed for you.. play your cards right and you may have her lying back on your bed stark-naked within an hour or two.
by QuacksO March 16, 2019
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You know when you see a brother, and you wanna go up and give'em a proper hello. You go in with the clasp, grasp, and hug. You know you boys when this happens. (It's like handshake, but wit love)
Man I didn't know yall were boys. I just saw you give him the CGH (Clasp, Grasp, and Hug).
by John Suits December 5, 2007
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What is sometimes a good idea to do when holdin' hands wif a pretty girl for da first time or two, particularly if (A) she is somewhat on da shy side, and/or (B) if she is considerably younger and/or smaller-statured than you, and so you don't want her to feel "pinioned" or "dominated". It simply involves your holdin' out yer gorilla-paws and cradling her slender delicate digits in yer palms, but not actually closing yer own fingers over hers, so that her hands are always "free". Usually da tentative-natured cutie will be so grateful for your gentle accommodating of her bashful uncertainty in this way that she will feel like "rewarding:" you by keeping her soft warm palms resting right there in yers for as long as you wish.
I employed da open-palm hand-clasp when I first tentatively romanced a slight-figured mid-teens sweetie-chick whom I'd known and played fun outdoor-games with ever since she was a cheerful smiley little girl; I guess my strategy worked, too, since she seemed totally "calm 'n' comfy" towards me, and never showed even the slightest inclination to lift away her shapely slender hands while she was sitting beside me on da couch. Plus most of her immediate family was home, as well, and they were also being super-friendly and warmly-welcoming to me while we were all sharing light casual conversation as a cohesive group, and so I actually felt like I was holding hands wif da whole family, not just wif Cute Daughter.
by QuacksO September 11, 2018
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