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The act of oral sex cunnalingus preformed on a woman where the giver manipulates their hands as described below:
Place hands together as if you are going to pray.
Interlock the 4th & 5th digit of both hands.
Insert the 3rd or middle digit into the receiver’s vagina.
Spread the labia or vaginal lips with the second digit to allow access to the clitoris.
Use the thumbs or first digit to support the giver head underneath the chin.
Use your lips & tongue to give your partner the time of her life.
Originally mention in the 1986 - 1992 NBC TV show LA LAW as, "That was the Venus Fly Trap, it's Never failed me yet", referring to a scene which the viewer was led to believe that oral sex was being preformed much to the joy of actress Susan Dey. Don’t ask who the actor who played opposite of her was, or the name of the episode, as I don’t know. It was then discussed in the Forum articles of Playboy magazine. Which is where I learned the technique, much to the delight of more than one woman.
by flingwings March 14, 2006
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A mental state where one covets the chair another is sitting in.
I had a hard time enjoying the concert. I was preoccupied with a bad case of chair envy. It seemed like everyone around me had chairs that looked like they were meant for human beings. That is the last time I buy a lawn chair from Walmart
by flingwings July 27, 2007
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A rotary wing aircraft, usually associated with a helicopter, however & to be fair can also be used to describe an autogyro
Do I really need to draw a picture for this one? If you ever saw a video of a helicopter accident you would understand why I refer to them as a flingwing!
by flingwings September 2, 2006
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Breath that smells or tastes exactaly like ones asshole. No verification required by me on the taste & smell. I'll take your word on it. If you think it does, I believe you.
He has zactly breath. Whats that? His breath smells exactly like his asshole.

by flingwings March 17, 2006
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A flip on Bohica Rita, meaning: Right In The Ass, Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
Can be used right if front of the person who shoved it up yours, unless of course they have a military background as that is the origin of the acronym. Example: "Oh Cheryl, your phone was ringing and I tool the liberty to answer it, Rita Bohica called for you." Now mind you if your boss has a military background you will be busted.
by flingwings July 4, 2006
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A total waste of time spent on the side of a ski slope waiting for a companion skier(s) who is simply not up to the task.
Après skiing conversation:

How were the lift lines?

The lift lines were the least of my problems. I think I spent half the day doing slope side layovers!
This is not more fun & smiles!

by flingwings November 2, 2007
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Airline Therapy - Cheap form of mental health where two or more unaquatinted people can chat and share their most personal thoughts with each other in the uninhibited environment of an airline flight. The fact that in 2-10 hours these two people are going to be going there separate ways, never to meet again, produces an uncommon candidness. With the advent of the internet this concept can also be applied to chat rooms & instant messenger.
The flight was a killer, however my seat mate provided 3 hours of the best airline therapy I've had in a while. It really cleared the cache. Do not confuse this with, "The Mile High Club".
I originally read about this in a USA Today Life article back in the early 1990’s. The article talked about the conversations that people have with total strangers on flights.
by flingwings March 24, 2006
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