A person with great compassion and sympathy. He forgives even those who hate and sin. He is usually handsome and appealing to the senses
by FoRealllz November 23, 2010
A dumb 'story' character for a roleplay named Vel also the roleplay is with: Creepypasta & FNAF, also some lemons.
Hi, I am a character that's named Vel, I only roleplay with boys since girls suck at roleplaying.
by Deepweb Hitman In Training December 1, 2018
Those who speak sarcasm with efficiency, somewhat prude and manipulative whilst putting up extreme kind, responsible and gallant attitudes in front of adults.

They tend to be bipolar with a serious case of social constipation. You would be lucky to talk to Vel people because they only come into contact with individuals they have deemed intelligent or entertaining enough to waste their precious time and witty conversations on.

Strangely enough, Vel individuals are considered highly charismatic and smooth. Other people are either lured in by their pretentious perfection or they simply fall hopelessly attracted with the twisted sense of humor and suave behavior.
"You're such a Vel, you prick."
"And you just love it."
by DatSwag April 4, 2011
One who makes promises of highly entertaining games, but never follows through and creates the game. Or, one who just annoys the masses and is hated by all.
He's a definate Vel.
by Vel hater February 23, 2004
Vel is someone very dumb and stupid. Be careful, as there is a very high risk of infection, exposure to Vel has been shown to decrease IQ. However, note that prolonged exposure may cause symptoms happiness. Beware, Vel's brand of dumbass is also extremely attractive.
Vel is such a fucking dumbass, lucky for her I find stupidity incredibly sexy.
by heyheyhoh~! March 6, 2020
Person looking for attention by barely wearing clothes to attract men to sell records never wears bra and she looks like she smells
by Savagerapper666 September 22, 2018
For sure one of Sigur Rós' best songs.
dude, i was pissed, but i just listened to viðrar vel tíl loftárása, so im happy again.
by bajorn eater October 4, 2006