A man with a very large penis, usually above 6 inches but lacks booty.
Is a party animal and likes to get really really drunk and fuck a random person and not remember anything the next morning.
Vaughan likes to superman that hoe.
Also a type of pornography.
Woah, vaughan is so cool, i wish i was him!
by -M. February 22, 2009
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Vaughan is the best guy ever, drop dead gorgeous and smart. Vaughan can also be used as any type of word, verb, adjective, or a noun. All of which mean unbelievably great, or the act of being unbelievably great.
Noun = Vaughan is a great guy.

Verb = He is Vaughaning right now (as some one does something great.)

Adjective = That cat is totally Vaughan.

Adverb = I ran so Vaughanly that I won the race.
by calisurfgirl86 September 16, 2010
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People with the name Vaughan usually have the same traits.

They like to wear certain types of clothes. The most popular outfit is: Mid blue denim jeans, beige loafers, a plain white T-shirt and a leather jacket.

In addition to their clothing choices, they usually have the same interests. their interests include: Drinking cheap cans of cider, walking in the countryside and talking about TV dramas.

As well as their hobbies and clothing choices, all Vaughan's have the same type of voice. Their voices aren't deep but aren't high. The way they pronounce their words sounds rather interesting; They end each sentence with 'sh'. For example: instead of saying 'yes' they would say 'yesh'.

Everyone needs a Vaughan in their life. They cheer you up, motivate you (by revving a motorbike engine), provide entertainment and give interesting insights on the world.
Friend of Vaughan: 'Hey Vaughan, how's it going?'

Vaughan: 'It's going great tahnksh!'

Fried of Vaughan: 'Ughhh I'm really struggling to get motivated today, could you help me?'

Vaughan: 'Sure!, *Revs motorbike while shouting Vaughan*'
by turtlehead September 29, 2016
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The most boring city in southern Ontario, yet just like Toronto, all of its teenage population acts like they're gangsters from the hood (even though it's 75% peaceful suburbs). Small population where everybody knows everybody. Fun as hell summers and the shittiest winters you'll ever come across.
"I met this new Vaughan shawty"
by CoolCrafter February 4, 2021
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The hardest person in the hood , he will put you up against the wall and usually he will have a mate called Charlie. He knows his facts so get them straight and he will call you a gaybod
You better run away before big Vaughan will get you.
by Ye mums Orange Dragon December 21, 2018
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Branch off of the original surname Vaughn. Branching off occurred when the family originated in Wales as peasants. A few members of the original clan refused to discontinue beastiality and were exciled and forced to take the surname given to them, "Vaughan" with an added "A" to represent their afflication for animal (interspecies) erotica.
Roxy: Dude, I love Vince Vaughan!
Bobby: It's spelled V-a-u-g-h-n, he's not decended from the banished clan members.
Roxy: Oh!
by Scotch Dutchess May 19, 2011
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The name of a man, usually with dusty blonde hair and eyes that seem to change colour in the light.

Vaughan is usually somewhat intelligent, has a mediocre sense of humour, and is an earth or fire sign. However he has WONDERFUL taste in women and is very loyal.

People named Vaughan are usually very overconfident, (an alpha male you could say) especially when it comes to their appearance and what he 'thinks' is 'packing' downstairs.

Vaughan has some unusual interests in the bedroom, but he may be worth your while, if you ignore his lack of experience and give him a chance.
Andrew:" Have you spoken to Vaughan?"
Hunter: "Nah, I think he was 'trying' to hit up that girl over there".
by lilbeanz March 23, 2022
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