It's good to have a healthy self esteem, however being overconfident can wind you up in a corner.
by donyouknowtit January 13, 2010
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Some people in this world, are overconfident bitches. They are (in reality) just ugly people being jealous of your fabulous self.
Person A: “Did Monica call you a Frog?”
Person B: “Yeah, she’s just an overconfident bitch
by parkshoe August 18, 2018
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jews that seem to think they are far better at anything and everything they can be, like having more money or a better set of golf clubs. and if they dont have more money than of course their money is better than your money.
That overconfident jew thinks he's better at tennis but really he blows cock.
by Dmarsh10 June 10, 2008
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