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Skate shoes for those who do not skate.
All those kids you see with slip-on checkerboard Vans don't really skate.
by Ziggy_Stardust May 28, 2005
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Skateboarding shoes that can survive a nuclear holocaust, and usually have before they finally make it across the Atlantic. Always look dated, and will never wear out.
Argh! Elverys got more Vans in and they seem to be 1982 stock!
by StrokeCity December 06, 2004
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Can be skated in, mountain biked in, hiked in, swum in, rock climbed in and anything else you can possibly imagine and still get about 3-5 years of daily use from them. Vans = Unsurpassed durability!
Other guy: Dude yours shoes must be like a year old!

Guy wearing the vans: Nope, theyre vans and theyre actually 5 years old. Suck on somma that!
by N8thesk8 May 27, 2006
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skater shoes that will last for a long time and are pretty cool looking and not that expensive
me:dude look at this awesome slip-ons

my friend:heck yes those are awesome!
by !@#$%^&* May 14, 2005
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Shoes mostly worn by skaters. They are not that expensive, lots of designs, comfortable as hell, and will last you a really long time. All all around great shoes. Also just because one wears vans and doesn't skate does not make them a poser, unless they claim to skate but they don't. I don't skateboard at all, I wear them because of the reasons I listed earlier. They are just shoes people come on
Idiot: Hey man those are nice Vans, looks like you don't skate a lot cause they are in good shape.
Person: I don't skate at all actually
Idiot: You are such a poser
Person: Go jump in front of a truck right now
by asdfghkl;' July 25, 2008
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A shoe company that has actually become a clothing company. Well known for the slip-ons.
Some think that only poseurs wear Vans, but actually, there are a bajillion different designs so you can have your own style.
I'm no poseur, but I wear green and blue checkerboard vans.
by ladeedee September 11, 2005
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kick ass shoes that you can wear anywhere
1.hey kaylee how come you didnt wear your vans.
2. cause were going to temple you cant where vans to temple
1. of course you can you cant what are you smoking.
1. a little bit of everything.
by akye May 10, 2006
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