The worst brand EVER that SOME PPL wear EVERYDAY and it looks like SHIT
PS : don't wear it ANYMORE
" I hate Vans "
by tchoupi February 3, 2020
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CONFORMIST SHOE. worn by everyone now. the thin ones were what skaters wear when there not skating. although now EVERYONE wears them. the 50 something year old bitch biology teacher, the emos, the preps, the jocks. they used to be cool but now mostly non skaters wear them. so get choself some emerica winos
preppy girl:"liek omg i luv vans and hollister"
jock/bully:"skaters are fags, i love vans"
emo:"i like vans"
skater:"damn, vans was the origional skate shoe... but now sells more to non skaters than skaters... f that im getting winos"
by keepskatin'bro June 4, 2012
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Vans are a popular shoe brand created in 1966 by Paul and Jim Van Doren in Aneheim, California. Originally sold as deck shoes for sailors, the idea was that one could customize their shoes to order, with whatever fabric or foxing color you wanted. The shoes became very popular in the Surf, and later Skate, communities and are today renowned as a Skate shoe company. The company has many popular designs, such as the Authentic (originally the #44), the slip-on, the Old-Skool, the Half-Cab, and the Sk8-hi. The shoes have remained popular since pretty much their conception, and are some of the nicest, most durable shoes out there. Vans are worn by pretty much anyone under the sun, but are especially popular in Skate, Ski/Snowboard, Surf, BMX , and Heavy Metal communities. The shoe has also become synonymous with Basics and Posers in recent times, and it is sad to see such capable shoes being used by people who will never use them to their full potential. The shoes were also slandered by a certain meme, which I won't mention, but I'm sure you know the name of. In conclusion, Vans are continually popular, and are extremely useful and good-looking, shoes.
Person: "I just got some new Half Cab Vans boi"

Me: "Sweet!"
by Supreme_Sucks March 21, 2017
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Vans the logo is spelled as if it’s a square root symbol with the abbreviation “ANS” in it. We usuallly think of “ANS” as answer.
The answer to life for most people is God and what do we associate with god? Jesus. So what does that mean you may ask.. Well now we have the square root of Jesus. Square root means to split in half, so that means it turns into Je Sus. Je in Spanish usually means he.. so He sus. Jesus is sus.
Bro 1: Yo dude have you been to Vans?
Bro 2: Nahh man Jesus is sus.
by thatsmynamedontwearitout7 March 2, 2019
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Awful skate company. Ever "hip" teen today wears Vans because they want to look like a skater. See Etnies.
eS shoes are WAY better than Vans poseur shoes
by Cat who shat May 31, 2004
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Vans are an uncomfortable shoe. It had its own meme for awhile, that was screamed by 6th graders across the country. Sadly Vans only claim to fame. It is an uncomfortable cloth shoe that no one has socks or time for. companies has gone as far to make off brand "Vans" of their companies. Lets be honest they did a better, cheaper shoe than Vans. "Good" Vans can be up to 30-50$!
by A00 March 6, 2017
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Vans are "skateshoes" people wear that aren't really used for skating. They are shoes for "popular" boys and girls and if you don't wear them you aren't popular according to the basic bitches and jerks of popular groups.
"Oh look Debra she isn't wearing vans!"
by typicaltomboy July 9, 2014
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