A very rare kind of lover.He knows instinctively what the partner needs and gets right to it.He has a gentle side to him ,yet is a very macho man.He kisses like a god.His touch coaxes any woman in submission.He has a sexy ass.
Oh Van!!!!!!!
by Bridget the Widget February 03, 2010
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A shoe company that has actually become a clothing company. Well known for the slip-ons.
Some think that only poseurs wear Vans, but actually, there are a bajillion different designs so you can have your own style.
I'm no poseur, but I wear green and blue checkerboard vans.
by ladeedee September 11, 2005
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kick ass shoes that you can wear anywhere
1.hey kaylee how come you didnt wear your vans.
2. cause were going to temple you cant where vans to temple
1. of course you can
2.no you cant what are you smoking.
1. a little bit of everything.
by akye May 10, 2006
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a good pair of shoes, so what if soo many people wear them, you shouldn't worry about what other people wear, most new vans coming out today have snazzy designs that fit almost anybodys personality, ALSO you don't have to be some different label to buy them, you just have to be a person looking for a good deal on a pair of shoes that will last you a while.
person #1:"damn....I need some shoes, but I want some colored wacky ones.."

kid with vans:"you should buy some vans bro, I'll bet you'll find some for you!"

person #1:"I don't have much money, I don't know, them Jordans be running expensive.."

kid with vans: "naw bro, they got em in your size and style..just check it out, plus dey cheap..like 50 bucks or cheaper!"

person #1: "oh fo realz? ight dats sweet!!"
by jojolokz February 04, 2007
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Vans are shoes for cool people who dont want to waste a hundred bucks on shoes.
"Get a pair of Vans chukas or checkerboard slip ons"
by TrX May 08, 2004
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The original skate shoe; what etnies try to copy. worn by "old school" skaters who still where baggy pants and not tight ones like those fucks with what they consider to be "real" skate shoes. Will last forever
1. Dude! those vans kick ass!!
2. I know white and black all the way
1. what are those fucks with tight pants and emericas doing??
2. falling off their boards aparently
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
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