The thing pedophiles use to lure kids like poor Timmy.
"Hey kiddos i got some candy in my van"
by Lolliepuff November 30, 2014
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amazing make of skate shoe. just cos you tossers cant affofd them.
vans kick the ass of reebok or nike any day.
by van man April 29, 2004
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He is a person who is not sporty he plays basketball but sucks at it he loves girls that names start with Ms and he loves chicken raw who loves the rush of killing chickens every girl wants him but when they date him they find out he loves to kill chickens he had a friend named Timmy who was in a relationship but he killed him. There are a lot of words to describe him but the best one is sex offender
Person 1: ohhh he is so hot person 2 he is a chicken killer sex offender sorry person 1 but he is so cute I don't care I'm dating him person 2 whatever Van on ya getting them girls haha person 1 ahhh he is killing chickens byeeee
via giphy
by Littlemlg February 26, 2017
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Van the Man part 3
Van’s proudest moment of Greek culture is this historical reference; A Greek and Italian were arguing over who had the superior culture. The Greek says, "We invented sex!" The Italian replies, "That is true, but it was the Italians who introduced it to women."
Although Van may cry at the fact that 100% just isn’t good enough, cry at the fact that there are better surfers in the world than him, all that Jimi Hendrix will always disgust him for even trying to bother to play his music, there are two words that will always sum up Van – the man.
by van the man March 04, 2017
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vans are originally for skates
classic vans are super cool=) everybody is wearing them .. skates are wearing them, emos are wearing them, preps are wearing them :O
prep: omg what are those?
person: vans
prep: omg they're like super cool
by elle sechslingloff October 14, 2006
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A shoe company that started up back in the 1960's. They make skateboarding shoes that are relatively inexpensive and are generally comfortable. Originally worn exclusively by skaters, now every fucking Hollister and Abercrombie brat has the fugly checkered slip ons because they are fucking trendwhores who buy into whatever is "in". It's kinda ironic how they went from being lyk totally gangsta G dawg wearing Nikes and listening to 50 Cent to being lyk totally punk rawker and listening to Simple Plan.

Other than the fugly slip ons, Vans makes good shoes.
This what a compliment on someone's Vans should look like:

Dudeman #1: Hey dude, I like your Vans. Half Cabs?

Dudeman #2: Yeah, I bought them at Zumiez. Really comfortable shoes.

This is how the conversations usually go:

Heather: Ohh mah gawd Becky, I lurrvvv your checkered Vans!!!!!

Becky: I know, we are like so totally punk rawker!!!!

Heather: We should, like, go listen to like, Simple Plan!!!!

Becky: Yeah!!!! And after that we'll waste our parents' money on overpriced clothing at Hollister!!!!

Heather: Like oh my gawd totally!!!!

by GOD DOMMIT FRONK December 25, 2008
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Your Avani trying to do the new tiktok trend, please stop. Also, you are very pretty and very lucky!
Van is the main
by Tommy gregory June 03, 2020
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