Vans are shoes for cool people who dont want to waste a hundred bucks on shoes.
"Get a pair of Vans chukas or checkerboard slip ons"
by TrX May 8, 2004
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A good, quality skate shoe company that classifies their products into "new school" (for those who actually intend to skate in them) "old school" (which are worn usually to make a statement, most popular are slip-ons) and most recently, "no school". Vans also makes a couple of lines that are worn by abnoxious, (I'd hate to say it, but...) posers. Most people that tend to diss Vans are really just dissing these lines, and rethink their critical views when they realize that Vans sponsors really worthy events, like the Vans Warped Tour.
Person 1: Cool shoes, those Vans?
Person 2: Yeah, they're my only pair
Person 1: Yeah, I don't tend to wear the old schools because I can't skate in them and they wear out easily
Person 2: I know, I like them worn though
by Triston July 18, 2005
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The original skate shoe; what etnies try to copy. worn by "old school" skaters who still where baggy pants and not tight ones like those fucks with what they consider to be "real" skate shoes. Will last forever
1. Dude! those vans kick ass!!
2. I know white and black all the way
1. what are those fucks with tight pants and emericas doing??
2. falling off their boards aparently
by Mary Margaret June 23, 2005
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-a large vehicle used to smoke pot in, drink alcohol in, or to do "the nasty"

-also known as: "the shaggin' wagon"

-the name "van" originated by an everything-loving hippie named van wilkie. her legacy lives on even to this day, and her afro holds more memories that you could ever know.

"van wilkie could just be the most amazing hippie of our time."

"who doesnt love a good gang bang in the shaggin' wagon?"
by sam marquis January 16, 2006
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The thing pedophiles use to lure kids like poor Timmy.
"Hey kiddos i got some candy in my van"
by Lolliepuff December 1, 2014
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van is a nice guy he is sweet really funny he will always be there for you he will stand up for you even if its friends picking on you. if you ever meet a guy named van don't let him go.
van as in a name
by vava_hitormiss February 27, 2019
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He is a person who is not sporty he plays basketball but sucks at it he loves girls that names start with Ms and he loves chicken raw who loves the rush of killing chickens every girl wants him but when they date him they find out he loves to kill chickens he had a friend named Timmy who was in a relationship but he killed him. There are a lot of words to describe him but the best one is sex offender
Person 1: ohhh he is so hot person 2 he is a chicken killer sex offender sorry person 1 but he is so cute I don't care I'm dating him person 2 whatever Van on ya getting them girls haha person 1 ahhh he is killing chickens byeeee
by Littlemlg February 26, 2017
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