The Cleanest, Most Icey Shoe Out there. Skater shoes, What real Nigguhs wear. Est. 1996 The original old school skater shoes and popular among bboyers. Thick soles, checkered, All diff. colors like rainbows.
Damn, Young L you got some clean Vans on nigguhGotta break in my chucks or my vans
by BBoySwagg July 27, 2009
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An alternate way to spell v&. To be vanned is to be fucked by the FBI or hauled off in the party van (hence where the word came from).
That sick bastard who posted CP got vanned!
by TheOneThOnly July 21, 2009
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Vans are the coolest mother fuckers ever to walk the face of this planet. Vans are cool, smart, and funny as hell. Vans are strong, sexy, and hansom as the devil. Vans are jacks of all trades (Meaning that they are good at everything but masters of nothing). They are also incredible athletes. They can play any sport and they normally make it into the pros. Vans are also very good, reliable friends and they always have your back. Vans are also clutch masters and normally do amazing things without trying. They also seen to always have a fascination with destruction or explosions. Vans can be cocky but are always humble in the end. They love music. Vans never stop cracking jokes. No matter the situation, you can count on them to lighten the mood. Vans are legends, but don’t mistake them for being myths because they are 100% legit.
Vans are too legit to quit.
Vans are the bomb digity.
by AllTheSingladies December 18, 2015
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Skateboarding shoes that can survive a nuclear holocaust, and usually have before they finally make it across the Atlantic. Always look dated, and will never wear out.
Argh! Elverys got more Vans in and they seem to be 1982 stock!
by StrokeCity December 6, 2004
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Can be skated in, mountain biked in, hiked in, swum in, rock climbed in and anything else you can possibly imagine and still get about 3-5 years of daily use from them. Vans = Unsurpassed durability!
Other guy: Dude yours shoes must be like a year old!

Guy wearing the vans: Nope, theyre vans and theyre actually 5 years old. Suck on somma that!
by N8thesk8 May 28, 2006
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Taking a long ride in a van.
Janitor: Do you like vanning?
Molly Clock: I don't know what that is.
Janitor: Sort of like taking a long drive in a car... except in a van.
Molly Clock: ...still not getting it
by Douglas Young October 26, 2007
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Usually the type who are smart. This name is normally put on guys, and these guys are the type to be nice but if you make them mad, they are gonna smash you into little pieces.
Man, he’s like a Vanness!
by HumanMan123 January 6, 2018
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