To be obsessed with how you look, to love oneself's image, to think you are the most gorgeous thing on two legsvain
(Looking at girl staring at herself in mirror) "Jees that girl is so vain look at her loving herself" etc
by Kat November 13, 2004
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The mirror perceived by one's self. Vanity will manifest ironclad in opinions, behaviours, narratives and emotional response when indulged. Allied with, but not as demonised as the apprentice Narcissist, the vain wield a dormant human instinct that allows fringe aspects of humanity excuses to bloom. Love was conceived on the altar of Vanity.
person 1- "if the eyes are the window to the soul, vanity is the contact lens required"
person 2- "you are so shallow and lowbrow sometimes"
by 2099 October 31, 2014
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1. An indescribably gorgeous woman who loves to laugh, thinks of others before herself and loves fashion. She can light up the darkest rooms with her personality and has the most mesmerizing eyes.

2.Sweet, shy, and trustworthy friend/girlfriend.
Vanity makes me feel amazing!
by Phenomenonperson January 11, 2012
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You tend to drive others away in your vanity.
by IcyHaku June 13, 2006
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a sad indivdual with no real friends, just those on myspace, of which he has several thousand.
Thinks he is perfect, but really a pathetic wannabe.
May suffer from obesity/ bad hair
Often has a britney obsession, brought on by a desire to copy Chris Crocker
save britney!
3K no proof!'

'omg he's such a vanity'
by ilybritney February 12, 2008
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A person who is a bully and believes she is better than people but is the complete opposite and is a complete prick.
by TurntUpUnicorn3000 August 15, 2018
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Shimmered & glistening, the pimply, akward teens that shop or the clothing store. Filled with clothes you will fill goodwill with someday are:
froggy pj's
scandalous mini boob tube tops
or cheap pleather ensembles
everything a middle school child would want
Alice: whoa! cole where did you get those mad hops
Cole: oo you mean my froggy p.j's
Yeah my shit is hype
Alice: ooo your sooooo vain
Cole: no....Vanity...boooo yaaa! word
by Trashlee June 5, 2007
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