An inflated ego that think highly of oneself, believe they are superior than others, lack of empathy, use lies and manipulate tactics to control. Narcissist tends to put someone down to make themselves feel better or get angry for no reason and make people apologize for them. Narcissists also like to fabricate facts to suit their needs or justify their horrible actions.

In the beginning, they will love bomb you into thinking that they are charming, then start to manipulate you slowly, they could also make up a story about their childhood to gain sympathy, blaming parents that they are the cause of their horrible behaviors and that you are the only one who can help them.
Narcissists cannot be helped because they always ended up deceiving themselves to be the right one.
Jolin Weiting Lim is a narcissist delusional
by ud1351 March 6, 2022
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Someone who has little to no empathy, manipulates others, gaslights (makes others doubt their reality), lies incessantly, believes their own lies. They make you doubt your emotions and then call you crazy. They rage for absolutely no reason and you end up apologizing. It can be a parent, friend, brother, sister, boss, spouse. In the beginning they love bomb you into believing they are prince/princess charming. Then they slowly start to abuse you to have you believe you are insane. It's all to control you. They will isolate you from your family and friends. You will leave the relationship someone you weren't. You will appear confused, unable to make your own decisions, depressed, anxious and with complex PTSD. So, RUN FAR AWAY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is NOT someone who takes selfies.
Teresa Guidice, `Luann DeLaSepps (whatever), Vicky Gunvalson are all narcissists.
by NONUTSNOWWHAT June 24, 2016
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A person with no soul. The only thing bigger than their inflated ego is the void that they demand others to fill.
The narcissist was left without an act once their puppet cut it's strings
by Oh hey just me here September 19, 2014
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1. Someone who always seems to turn the situation onto themselves. Instead of thinking about the other person they tend to focus on themselves and how they can benefit from the person or situation.

2. A person who is very good at manipulating others into doing what they want or making the other person feel that they're wrong in a situation when its clearly them. They love to make the other person feel like they're the crazy one.

3. A narcissist is someone who is arrogant, an exhibitionist, vain, manipulative, and greedy for admiration. Often caused by childhood trauma and PTSD. Narcissists do not do well with sharing, especially when it comes to relationships and friendships do to their need of attention and admiration. They crave attention and often get jealous when others receive it more than them. Narcissist cannot be helped because they usually do not know that they are narcissistic.
1. "I was trying to ask Jen relationship advice but all she could talk about was her relationship with Matt, what a narcissist"

"I was asking Joe for help with my car and the first thing he asked was if I'd pay him, I didn't even tell him what was wrong with it, he's such a narcissistic asshole"

2. "Frank I'm a little concerned that you are talking to other women behind my back and I'd like to talk to you about it"
"Are you cheating on me, Lisa! You must be! OH MY GOD, after all I did for you! I tell you everything, I DO. How could you do this to ME!? "

3. "I don't get why Rachel talks and flirts with every guy that I'm interested in, she says she's just trying to be a friend and 'seeing if he's a good guy for me' but showing him her boobs is not helping me see if he's a good guy for me, first of all she has a boyfriend, it's like if she's not getting all the attention, then no one can and I'm sick of it!"

"My best friend Brandi and her boyfriend Kyle just got engaged, they look so happy together, I hope they brake up..."
by snowprincessx December 4, 2014
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Someone who puts their own name on urban dictionary, then gives it a flattering definition.
Jack defined his own name on urban dictionary as a sexy, muscular dude who all girls orgasm at the sight of him. What a fucking narcissist!
by Williamsexyface May 6, 2015
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Small penised miserable piece of shit

with his own Daddy issues

who's only goal in life is to be cruel

to those who mistakenly loved him.

Good riddance to bad rubbish #byeJamal
"how disturbing that Jamal enjoys putting down his girlfriend, he enjoys being a lowlife narcissist"
by Felicia says bye April 17, 2019
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