A person who is a bully and believes she is better than people but is the complete opposite and is a complete prick.
by TurntUpUnicorn3000 August 14, 2018
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Shimmered & glistening, the pimply, akward teens that shop or the clothing store. Filled with clothes you will fill goodwill with someday are:
froggy pj's
scandalous mini boob tube tops
or cheap pleather ensembles
everything a middle school child would want
Alice: whoa! cole where did you get those mad hops
Cole: oo you mean my froggy p.j's
Yeah my shit is hype
Alice: ooo your sooooo vain
Cole: no....Vanity...boooo yaaa! word
by Trashlee June 04, 2007
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She is an incredibly smart person. She is funny as well. If you tell her a bad thing than she will come with a comeback at you. Anyways she is the smartest girl you will ever meet.
Person 1: Hey that girl is so smart in EVERYTHING

Person 2: Oh her... her name is Vanity. Yes! She is very smart.
by brklyn_nicole April 05, 2020
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