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A Singaporean woman that often gets into sexual altercations. Usually a single mom of more than five children. Quite poor.
She's such a Valets.

I feel so sad for poor Valets.
by pipka January 07, 2019
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1. One who attends to the needs of a "gentleman". 2. A sophisticated, nicely paid "go-for" (gopher). 3. One who parks vehicles for those who can afford to pay the high price for such a service.
Will you please valet my Bently. Please park it in a highly visible location. The more visible, the more your tip will be.
by J.L. Calloway May 22, 2008
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The action of a female assisting the insertion of a male's penis into her vagina.
What's the point of trying to find an open space to park if you can just valet.
by Jizzy Weep January 19, 2013
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