A Singaporean woman that often gets into sexual altercations. Usually a single mom of more than five children. Quite poor.
She's such a Valets.

I feel so sad for poor Valets.
by pipka January 7, 2019
1. One who attends to the needs of a "gentleman". 2. A sophisticated, nicely paid "go-for" (gopher). 3. One who parks vehicles for those who can afford to pay the high price for such a service.
Will you please valet my Bently. Please park it in a highly visible location. The more visible, the more your tip will be.
by J.L. Calloway May 22, 2008
The action of a female assisting the insertion of a male's penis into her vagina.
What's the point of trying to find an open space to park if you can just valet.
by Jizzy Weep January 19, 2013
A male servant who attends to the personal needs of his male employer, taking care of his clothing and accessories, closely assisting him in dressing.
Trump's personal valet tests positive for Covid-19.
by Monkey's Dad May 7, 2020
"If you scuff up my shoes, you get Valeted on the floor"
Mr Pookie
by Mark Anstead May 15, 2006
Eating ass in a car, usually in a semi public place, ie, McDonald's parking lot.
Mike gave me a Rusty Valet right there in the handicapped parking spot of Wal-Mart last night!
You better marry him Jane, he is a keeper!
by Calopolus October 2, 2010
1) a self-important person that parks in fire lanes and no-parking zones in front of businesses. can be seen at Walmart or Kmart. Usuaaly has children in the back seat with grandmother swatting them from the front.
2) Someone who parks close to the doors of a store in order to save walking 20 more feet. typ. obese and needs more exercise.
"They ain't no parkin spaces close"

"Stupid, pull me up the front of the sto and we'll nigger valet it"
by Frank Discussion October 1, 2006