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In New England the local pharmacy was called a "drug store", it probably dates back to circa 1900. In Worcester, MA circa into 1960's the word "drug store" was used more than pharmacy. At least one in every neighborhood and open on Sunday, Massachusetts state "blue laws" had all other retail business closed.
You would get a medial prescription filled at the corner "drug store" in the 1950's.
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
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What pharmacies used to be called before the term “drug” was related to illegal narcotics. They are still around in some places, and most aren’t limited to selling medicine. They sell stuff such as locks, chewing gum, tape, and sometimes frying pans! They are a common place for small children with red hats to buy yo-yos.
When I got the flu, I needed to turn my prescription in to the only drug store in the state because my doctor is strange and still thinks that he’s in the 90s.
by Kopper0625 January 25, 2020
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adjective: Being generic or steryotypical. Often associated with being a poser.
Blink 182, Sum 41, and Greenday are all examples of drugstore punk.
Avril lavigne is such a drugstore punk.
by Bean January 27, 2004
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