New York's version of the 415 or 847 area code.
Henry: I live in the 914
by henryfromny2.0 August 23, 2021
914 Gang is one of the most notorious gangs in all of the US, comparable to that of the Crips and Bloods. Located in southern Westchester, New York, the name derives from the telephone area code of Westchester County (914). In order to determine if one is in this gang, the person would have the digits "914" in the front or the back of their Instagram and/or Twitter username. Though comparable to the Crips and Bloods, their weapons of choice include Juuls, wax pens, and Honda Civic Si's.
Person X: Dude, did you know John was in the 914 gang? His Instagram username is john_914.
Person Y: Shit really?! Oh yeah, I did see him Juuling the other day.
Person X: Yeah, I also saw him driving his stanced Honda Civic Si the other day.
by Jp_gamez25 March 20, 2018
914mm = 36" indicates the presence of a guest with large breasts.
"Code 914, monorail red." = "Look at the cans on that girl in the red top."
by rick36 July 31, 2008