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1. Friends by day, sex partners by night.
Wow, John and Jane are more than friends, they are friends with benifits
by Not so super DJ Gennady May 19, 2003

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Foul cheese like buildup that comes from not washing or properly maintaining equipment. It comes from NOT WASHING YOUR DISGUSTING TWAT/COCK! See egg salad.
You have smegma leaking from your pants you dirty fuckwad!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 06, 2003

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The 17th state of the United States -- in 1803. Contains 13,000,000 people and its chief cities are Cleveland, Cincinnati, and the capital of Columbus. Ohio is known for being the home of the Wright Brothers, the first man in space, more presidents than any other state, and Generals William T. Sherman and U.S. Grant. Also home of the champion OSU Buckeyes. Unlike what others may tell you, there are larger hellholes in the universe. Ohio has a lot to offer and is a decent place full of decent people.
Ohio's old license plates said "The heart of it all,and man was that a shitty slogan"
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003

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Nation in Southern Europe consisting of 60,000,000 people. The Italians are some of the most beautiful/handsome people in the world. They love to live la dolce vita, eat good food, and take pride in their architectual treasures. Despite having the shittiest TV and the only G9 nation with an unstable government, Italy is great
la dolce vita en Italia!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 05, 2003

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1. SEGA spawned hedgehog who fights robots with animal centers and fighting Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles. He is friends with Tails the Fox and fights to save Planet Mobilus from becoming an industrial hellhole like New Jersey or Delaware. Sonic also must stop the Chaos Emeralds from falling into the wrong hands.
2.Drive Thru restaurant where the food comes to you. It looks good, but I cant vouch for it cause I've never been there.
They need to build a Sonics for Sonic on the Floating Island........Im a Chaos buger sounds tasty right now...
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 16, 2003

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Shithead, vicious, evil person that represents a manifestation of all that is wrong with the world... The ultimate worst insult that you can use to describe your friends...
That bitch is such a cuntbag!!!!!!
by Not so super DJ Gennady April 27, 2003

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A condition which strikes mostly males. The symptoms of this condition include a longing for companionship and sexual pleasure from Asian women. Sufferers of this condition will show agressive tendencies that will cause them to act goofy around any girl with almond-shaped eyes, black hair, and exhibiting any kind of other supposed stereotype about Asian women. Because of cultural differences, however, most sufferers of Asian Fever are never cured.
After leaving the motherland, I had my own bout with Asian Fever when I returned to the states, but I got over it.
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003

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