abrevation of Verses it is mostly used in Fighting games
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
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VS - Very sorry

When you want to sincerely apologize to someone special when you honestly didn't mean to upset them. This term is specified to over the internet misunderstandings. Usually happens when you send a message via the internet and nonverbal cues can't be retrieved. Thus contorting the actual intention of the message. Also expressed when you care very much about the person and honest to God didn't mean to upset them. Tell someone you love that you're very sorry :(
oh gosh, i think i upset someone i love so much. I'm VS <3
by Disculpa.amor June 02, 2010
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-noun, abbreviation

Short for "Vincent-Sized," this term refers to any female that is overweight in an acceptable or pleasing manner. A V.S. can range from "a few extra pounds," to "pretty hefty," depending on the subject.
"That chick by the bar has a double-wide ass, she's a total V.S."
by bonsant July 10, 2008
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Vagina Sauce, or Vaginal Secretion. Also known as "cum" or "juice."
She was a squirter, her VS shot out like a water fountain.
by Eric January 24, 2005
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VS, or VSism, A term for someone who is:
- A fairy.
- A hax to the max.
- A pr0nmonger.
- A bringer of pwn.
- A Bad Motherfucker.
- A savage TK'er.
by Tuna April 07, 2004
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when you add a 😏 to a innocent sentence and it makes it yummy.

harder 😏
by pretzel boi January 19, 2021
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