8 definitions by Ravenwolf

"You only like that pairing because it's not cannon."
"No no, you mean CANON. Oh, and... That's not true."
by Ravenwolf March 5, 2006
Acronym for Against Medical Advice
Doctor: "Well, it would be AMA to tell you to go jump off a bridge, but I am sorely tempted right now."
by Ravenwolf January 15, 2007
One who prefers using obsolete technology for no practical reason. From video and idiot.
OMG! He'd rather have a VHS than a DVD! What a videot!
by Ravenwolf July 15, 2006
Misao threw a bunch of shuriken in my eye and now I can't see very well.
by Ravenwolf April 19, 2004
The first United States stock exchange, located in Philadelphia, PA. It is now a food court and a great place to buy Pocky.
Hey, have you been to the Bourse? I got some Pocky there: 4 packs for $2.25!
by Ravenwolf April 23, 2006
"Dude! I looked that guy up on Wikipedia; he really is famous!"
by Ravenwolf October 14, 2008
A thread in which two or more things, usually fictional characters, are pitted agaist each other. People are supposed to argue who would win in a fight (unless stated otherwise), but more often than not, they turn into popularity contests.
"Sephiroth totally pwns Superman! He's so much cooler!"

"That's hardly a reason. Stop being a n00b and get out of my vs thread!"
by Ravenwolf October 8, 2006