visible penis line, usually through tight jeans or a swimsuit, most commonly a Speedo.
It's interesting how many fifties actors have VPL's in their publicity pics.
by John Salter May 29, 2005
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Acronym for Visible Panty Line.

Since the Nobel Prize for Outstanding Services to Mankind was awarded to Sisqo
for promoting the thong, VPL has
fortunately become a rarer sight on the bottoms of women across the globe.

VPL is where the panties of a woman are visible through the material of lower-body clothing. This is a definite fashion misdemeanor (as any gbf will tell you). VPL damages the aesthetic beauty of a fine rump, and can be very harmful to a woman's health.

Only in two cases is it allowable to have VPL - During Rag Week and severe hemorrhoids.

Known cures for VPL are the G-string, V-string, thong, tanga, T-back and
going commando.
- "Damn! Check dat booty!"
- "Nah, man. Can't see it for all that VPL."
by Umbongo - England April 1, 2003
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ACRONYM: Visible Panty Line.
Before thong underwear became all the rage, VPL's were considered the ultimate in undergarment sexiness.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
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Visible Pantie Line
Look at that chick, she has VPL
by Anonymous February 3, 2004
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1. acronym for 'Visible panty line'
-for women only
-or gay men (rare!!)
2. said only to people of the same sex: guy to guy talking about a girl with vpl or girl to girl talking about a girl with vpl.
1. guy to girl: i like your vpl
-girl slaps guy-
by hatemeorloveme April 22, 2009
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unflattering lines on your ass (knicker lines )=VPL but this term can b also used 4 unfashionable men who still wear pants lol !
o my can u see that guys VPL
by laurakel July 6, 2006
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" Visible Panty Lines "

(wear butt floss or go commando okey dokey!)

orr or or

" Vicious Panther Leoinine " RAWR gonna eat u

betta run biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"when i wear white jeans during my time of the month my VPL shows therefor I wear a tampon instead and do my own brazilian wax."
by ladidaaaaz September 17, 2008
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