Although one of the least common definitions, a "line" can also mean 1 fluid oz of codeine cough syrup. For example, some people who sell the stuff will sell it by the "line" for anywhere from like 30-100 dollars.
Yo Cleophis, how much is that Activis goin for per line?

" Freddie is sellin for 55 a line"
by Tone McBone November 29, 2016
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Set someone up, plot against, conspire against one.
Let’s line him up and take his money.
by KaydensMom July 26, 2018
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Line is a Norwegian name for the most awesome girl ever! Line is a very unique and lovable person who is beautiful, intelligent, funny, smart, stubborn, weird, cool, nice and grateful towards her friends. She is a bit awkward, but once you get to know her, she will be a invaluable companion in your life. She loves video games and especially Zelda, which is what she grew up with. You will know it if you know a Line, especially if you're a mature and different guy. She will be the light of your life, and you should do all you can to take care of her. She is a beautiful human being, a flower that needs sun, and you should not let her go.
Wow, I've never felt this way about a girl before. She is so amazingly unique and perfect. She must be a Line!

You know Line? I love her so much, I must make sure to keep her close in my life.

Oh man, I've never met a girl who loves video games this much and isn't a total nerd. She must be a Line!
by ILoveYou_HappyBirthday April 05, 2011
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Money, funds, Currency.

Like receiving a wire transfer aka "money transfer" . A wire is in essence a line. Sometimes we hear the saying "life line", this could mean emergency funds.
I have a lot of line.
Did you get line today?
Where is my line?
by Bentsion March 09, 2016
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A request for what to say, as if one were an actor in a play.
Wife: Where the hell were you last night?

Husband: Line.
by druu9 May 10, 2010
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A really sweet and she seems innocent and pure, but she can be a naughty little devil.
Wow, that girl is so Line!
by LooveMuffin February 14, 2010
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In racing/ freeride terminology, a "line" refers to the specific path or route one chooses to take within the course.
"Dude that line you took was so sick, gaping that rock section and landing on the backside."

"ya man, my lines are just so much better than yours"
by dtbkr April 24, 2011
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