Damn all the girls in this club have their butt floss riding high out of their skirts.
by mrlucretius April 1, 2012
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aka a g string. or a thong that either a man or woman wears. refferd to as becasue of thin flossy like thing.
She must have some serious butt floss. You cant see any panty lines.
by Manasa May 11, 2006
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n. A form of female underwear so narrow as to effectively remove deposits from within surrounding crevices. Similar to dental floss as used in the act of orthodontic hygiene.
Let me axe you a keschun My nigga. Is dat hoe packin' butt floss or she be Going Commando?
by D'emon November 21, 2002
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To take someone's pillow case, turn it inside out, then continue to floss your unclean ass with it. Then turn the case back to normal and return. Then the user must smell your shit unknowingly. Normally this action is done in revenge and doesn't have to be done with a pillow necessarily. T-shirts, blankets, towels, etc are also game. happy flossing
Me: Last night i was butt flossing my room mate, keaton's, pillow.
Jeremy: Why did you do that?
Me: He drank the last of the milk.
Jeremy: Understandable.
by the flosser November 20, 2009
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also called a thong or type of string stuck between your buttcheeks to impress people with your "buns."
wife: Oh honey, check out my new Butt floss i just got at victorias secret!
husband: wow it really highlights your tight buns.
by Carabella May January 28, 2009
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When your hair is long enough that looking up and down rubs your hair against your butt.
We thought she nodded her head yes, but she was really butt flossing.
by BigDumpling November 30, 2017
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