The girls that go here are so f**king annoying I swear to god. These skank whores roll up their skirts so much that you can see their flat asses. They’re actually walking stds and just looking at them gives me cancer. They all look the fucking same. And. It. Ain’t. Cute
M. : hey are you going to the Ursuline dance
Me: I’d rather shoot myself between the eyes than use the same air as those trolls
by H.J.ohs459 November 9, 2018
bitchy school of girls that all think they're LF models. And fuck their cousins and brothers, they are rich ass whores who think they are better than everyone, guys only use them because they are easy and will spread their legs for anyone who asks.
Iona kid 1: yo are you going to the Ursuline party
Iona Kid 2: yea im hu with sally
Iona kid 1: isn't that your cousin?
Iona Kid 2: Yea but she's easy
by nohablaespanol November 19, 2018
Ursuline is possibly the best girls school. This school is the opposite of anything bad said about Nerinx. Nerinx is not cool. Ursuline has some preppy girls, and punk girls, and every type of girls! Y'all shouldnt hate because you arent cool enough to go to Ursuline.
Hot Guy: Man I need a girlfriend like hellas.
Sexy Boy: Dude, me too.
Hot Guy: Lets go see if any Ursuline girls are single. They're the hottest.
Sexy Boy: Seriously.. all those Nerinx girls and St. Joes Ho's suckkkk.
by TYYYSSSONN April 28, 2005
a school full of the hottest girls around, and who know how to have fun and party like no is basiclly the funnest school to go to...most people are jealous because they got rejected...
The Ursuline School in New Rochelle
by tonedd December 8, 2005
Ilford Ursuline is a school in ilford full of elite slags and skets from Redbridge, Newham and barking. Most of the girls have a higher body count than GCSES. In this school Year 7s steak coco pops from Tesco’s and give uck to 7 guys in Dagenham at 10pm. Majority of the girls are cock conisseurs and have to wear braces because their teeth bruk from all the dick that has been in their mouth.
Guy1: yooo what school does that girl you’re linking come from

Guy2: she comes from Ilford Ursuline

Guy1: nah don’t link her her pussy is wider than the Romford road
by miss Russel March 23, 2019
an all girls school..people wish they could be as hot as them but they cant, thats why they hate on it and call all the girls "materialistic" or "sluts"..just cause they got money & arent prude like y0u dont mean u gotta hate =)
"girls at the ursuline school r so hot, im so jealous of them because i know theyre the best and i cant be like them..damn"
by mEe<3 April 28, 2005
An all-girls high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, dedicated to advanced education. The students who attend this fine school are amazingly intelligent and beautiful. They are all-around good at sports and the performing arts. These girls are not concerned about the cost and label of their clothes and are very welcoming. They are good natured and stunningly gorgeous, and nearly every boy wants one as a girlfriend. A UA girl is self-confident, friendly, and smart.
The girl who attends Ursuline Academy will go on to a great college.

That girl from Ursuline Academy is very pretty!

A student from Ursuline Academy is so much fun to be around.
by petwhat May 18, 2009