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A sub-town of the London Borough of Redbridge. It is a nice area, neighbouring Gants Hill, Clayhall and Barkingside. It is known to be the more pleasant side of the borough, in contrast to the relatively more trashy areas of Hainault and Loxford (and to an extent Ilford and Seven Kings).

It resides near Gants Hill roundabout, which in the last few years has undergone a transformation into a more "town centre" like area. The nearest schools are Redbirgde Junior School, Park Hill Junior School, Beal High School, Ilford County High School and King Soloman's High School.
Person 1: "Eyy, you wanna hit up Ilford today fam?"
Person 2: "Nah man, that's a bit grimy still. I'm gonna chill in ends."
Person 1: "Yeh, yeh, true that"

Redbridge is the nicer area in the London Borough of Redbridge
by LilBigManThree April 20, 2011
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