Linking means the you are talking on a level but not dating.
Hey! Did you hear that Max and Zoe are linking...
by @dontxmax November 18, 2017
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To have sex on the regular / do sexuall stuff with.
KdotI: wag1 rude boi linking any gash ?
HdotB: Naa blaad s'all waste gash
by NickLNick January 3, 2008
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In Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64, when someone gets pummeled by Link.
Get the fuck off my stage bitch! You just got a LINKING!
by Patrick Jimenez November 18, 2005
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To connect with friends or people and chill.
A: Yo are you free to link tonight?
B: Yeah let's link up.
by Liluzihurt January 14, 2017
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The Link was thought to me a mythical creature only appearing in fables until a Late Night Lenny, in search of a new conspiracy theory, found The Link.
I'm on the Link, I'm on the Link
by Kung Of The Duckheads April 15, 2019
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to meet up with someone, or to hookup. usually meant as to hookup.

person #1: wanna link?
person #2: ew, i dont like you like that

situation #2:
person #1: wanna link?
person #2: for sure, when and where?
by deathbysilence August 6, 2020
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