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A whole building full of the hottest girls around. They are smart, but tend to be slutty at times. Nerinx Girls are basically hardcore partiers, with brillant minds. They are sure to be the rich women at parties telling you about all the mistakes they made in high school.
I met a Nerinx girl at the party last night and she was so drunk that she didn't even care when I used a terrible pick-up line!
by Bill April 07, 2005
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an all girls school in webster groves missouri that has the hottest and smartest girls in town. they are so hot they dont need makeup to look good
sluh guy1:see that hot girl over there sluh guy2:yeah she goes to badass nerinx
by sluhkid12 August 23, 2008
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an alternate definition for rich bitchs
NERINX GIRLS SUCK they get w/e the hell they want and the school is full of snobs ursuline kickz their ass everyday.......
by cp the pimP May 09, 2005
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nerinx, a whole school full of potientally pregnant or pregnant girls. hard core partiers, or smart bitches who think they know how to party
come on they had a maternal uniform -- slutty or just sick?
by vizgirlz April 12, 2005
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