The action of checking whether people's cars are unlocked for sleeping, stealing or potential motor vehicle theft. Usually done by lads (eshays), losers or bunch of cunts with nothing to do. To be honest, if you can't lock your car, you deserve to get urched.
Oi bro, wanna go for an urch after this esh?
Fuckin oaf bruvva.
by UshkayOrdlay5002 April 28, 2019
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A kind of underground culture developing or developed around east london. Can be linked with Indie and has a large musical community surrounding it. These include The Libertines, Babyshambles, The Rakes adn other such bands with hard hitting simple drums and scratchy messy guitar playing. Lyrics are usually centred around going out on the town or about city life in general but can also be deeper. The word may originate from the word urchin because if u look at people such as the libertines they could be described in some way as an urchin of the street.
The Rakes album Capture/Release sounds like a Metropolitan Tube Train travelling at full speed through the depths of the underground with the dead carcass of the urch scene underneath its rusted wheels.
by The Chicken Shack Crew January 04, 2006
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Vomit, or anything that looks or is related to vomit.
Eww, someone urched on the sidewalk.
by Daniel Bryant August 20, 2005
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When you are performing the act of head (oral sex) and you begin to gag and choke profusely. this is known as URCHING.
hey millie what you do last weekend?

Hey, i was going down on this guy and i just started urching!! so embarassing!
by theurchygals123 November 18, 2019
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Originally derived from stepping on a sea urchin but can be used in any context.
OMG Lauren just got urched!!!!

Wow I'm feeling so urched today

They were urchin down the street
by Urched August 20, 2015
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