a word used to describe the physical state of metal after a chemical reaction has occured, or to describe any negative experience
1) That pipe has rusted
2) Damn it, today was so rusted. I got fired, and I'm still in debt.
by kiki December 18, 2004
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same as being dusted uve just been sittn a litl longer
that bitch is past being dusted that bitch is rusted
by tabie tab August 31, 2006
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The most toxic game on steam ever so disgusting to play solo must have at least 2 friends to play this game to not get anally raped
That KID plays rust

get over it cunt its rust you dog
by wtf dude im dead AGAIN May 31, 2017
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a game where u run around and see bunch of cocks
a:hey bro i found a game called Rust

b:cool! whats the game about
a: you run around and see bunch of naked and toxic 9 year olds
by bigwillyman420 November 28, 2018
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That shit that steel does when you leave it outside like a dumbass
I left my hammer outside like a dumbass and now it’s covered in rust
by ShowerNut November 16, 2020
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A cancerous game that will suck up hundreds of hours of your time for nothing cos you will get raided.
I just spent 500 hours on this rust server and got raided!
by The Strategists June 2, 2018
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Rust is the programming language that should only be used by serious programmers who wish to re-write bad programs in rust, AKA Re-write it in rust (RIIR). The rust language is rugged, yet graceful; exciting, yet calm. The borrow checker will keep you from accessing the same memory from different threads at the same time, praise be the borrow checker which gives us fearless concurrency. Unlike Golang rust can solve many problems trivially with use of its powerful generics. Rust will free you from the hellish pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming, whilst still blessing you with polymorphic traits. Some argue that C and C++ are the tried and true low level languages, that a compiler cannot be smarter than you, but we Rustaceans bring a new paradigm to programming, hail the compiler, may it forgive our value that was moved here and used there; bless us with lightning fast compile times and send our benchmarks to the moon faster than Elon Musk's car.
Have you tried bit? Its much faster than git and more user friendly, they rewrote it in rust!

Why are you using java to program that? Rust is much faster and memory safe without a garbage collector! Here, you should go read "The Rust Book".

I love the rust compiler, it is so helpful... until I get a lifetime error... That still confuses me...
by dabrick2017 March 8, 2021
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