A street person or person of the street. These people usually dwell in cars that aren't theirs, warehouses, squatting holes, gutters, garbage cans, boxes, parks, opium dens, public bathrooms (bus/train station, airport), bushes, soup kitchen's, etc.
They can often be seen swimming in yuppie's pools in the daytime while the sell-outs are at work and carrying a bottle shaped brown paper bag.
Yuppie: get out of my way you bum!
Urchin: *pulls out urchin/hobo knife* I'm no bum, i'm an urchin! *stabs yuppie and steal his wallet for booze*
Urchin: *whistles tune* I love to live the urchin life, stabbin people with my urchin knife
by pAge June 7, 2005
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A streeter. One who is homeless, and has spent the majority of their life drifting and living on the street for survival.
I gave that urchin over their $5.00 for a soda.
by K-OS May 25, 2005
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A person who's an asshole and doesn't seem to get that you don't want to talk to them. Has a tendency of being very annoying. Also dresses very trashy and can be depressive.
Scene: You and your friends are standing around having
a nice chat about something when the urchin comes along unexpectedly.

Urchin: Hey losers *BLAHBLAHBLAH*

*sticks around and disagrees with everything you say*
by Captain O. October 2, 2009
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(v) To acquire the services of a prostitute.
I remember urchin' a black doll coz it was half the price. Simple economics, innit ?
by LeonTroutski September 16, 2010
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Annoying low life that people hate and often beat up
Person: hey I need friends be my friend
Me: go away now urchin
by Dr.Neuron March 29, 2017
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A little girl who is the child of a bad ass detective
I will do anything to protect that little urchin
by Sadio salah September 4, 2020
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