bruvva- a brother that is always down for lovin' and fighting for his men

damn too bad my bruvvas werent here to roll on this punk bitch
by ryan beltrano June 5, 2006
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A Bruh moment happens once every 27 decades because of the celestial bodies.
Jonathan:This really be a bruh moment
Boris: what the hell?
Jonathan: Bruvvaaaaa
by bruhmomentum420 September 13, 2019
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Euphamism to replace any word for the female genitalia.
Suck ya mothers gratte bruvva.

I can smell your gratte bruvva
by Hairy Starfish December 6, 2010
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When your so happy but yet embarrassed and you just can’t help but to say bruvva often used by LGN Flakey,Faze Kay,Jarvis and others.
Person 1 your so annoying and not cool

Person 2 bruvva chillax.
by Phil Rosen November 30, 2020
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